S2E6 | Maceo Frost

S2E6 is a conversation between Christian and Maceo Frost. Named after James Browns funky saxophone player, Maceo was raised in Stockholm, Sweden by his street-dance legend father and skateboard-rebel mother. Underground culture is practically embedded in his DNA. He discovered filmmaking at 11 and grew up never having to wonder what to do in life. Check out the episode here.

Find Maceo on his website here, on Vimeo here and on Instagram here.

Raised by Krump is a 22-minute documentary film that explores the Compton/South Central, Los Angeles born dance movement called “Krumping”, and the lives of some of the area’s most influential and prolific dancers. For more information, click here.

“[Film] should be a self exploration tool — a tool for getting outside of your comfort zone and being able to express something that you might not be able to express otherwise." 

Mary Taylor