S2E11 | Aoife McArdle

S2E11 is a conversation between Jared and Aoife McArdle. Aoife is an Irish director known for her narrative story telling and nose for trouble. It's Good.

Find Aoife on her website here, on Vimeo here, on IMDB here, and on Instagram here.

“One thing you learn the more you write treatments is that you have to think about the economics of how you’re going to make it. A lot of times with your job you have to think within your restrictions, and in some ways that can actually make your job more creative. It’s almost essential to winning a job now to be really realistic about how much money you have and how much time you have. You have to write the idea to fit within that confine.” 

"Try to be personal in your ideas. I think people are sometimes too distant in their work, and I think you kind of have to embrace it fully and expose yourself a lot if you want to touch people."

Mary Taylor